Is Philosophy Still Important?

“I rather have an that’s unoriginal on my own, then have a original idea with influence from others.”

-An Estranged Blogger

I’ve often heard people argue that philosophy’s dead and has been dead for quite some time. In todays world you might be forgiven for thinking that because science has ultimately taken its place, or at least a good proportion of its place. Most of the questions philosophy has put forward have been answered by science, but that doesn’t mean its useless. I am in the firm belief that it is useful, sure there’s not much of a career in it but it’s very much alive and will continue to breath life into the ever evolving questions of nature that are to be brought up. Why are we here, Will we ever conquer human nature or are we destined to struggle with it for the rest of our species existence, Can any of us ever be truly free, what does it mean to be free, and What type of douche-bag quotes himself? I don’t know, but I hope these questions interest you as much as they interests me, and I hope this creates discussions, one of the many things that makes us the rational beings we are.

So is philosophy still important, of course it is. Its a vital skill to have and it helps people critically think about a various array of topics, and forces people to productively discuss issues and ideas through civil dialogue and debate, and we need more of that nowadays.

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